Emissions Alpharetta

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Alpharetta Automotive & Emissions Repair

America's Service Station is your one-stop repair shop for emissions in Alpharetta. Although we do not perform the emissions test, we do repair any issue(s) that caused your car to fail the test.

Do I need an Emissions Test in Alpharetta?

The Georgia DMV website will help you determine whether or not your car has to undergo an emission test. If your car requires an emissions test, take your car to any local emissions testing location. If you pass, great job! If you did not pass, no problem. Come straight to America’s Service Station in Alpharetta and we’ll quickly and efficiently resolve the issue.

How to Prepare for an Emissions Test

Bringing your car to our automotive repair shop prior to an emissions test is one great way to be sure that you pass. We will diagnose and treat the problem so that you can confidently approach your emissions test. Here are a few additional tips to ensure you pass the test:

  • Oil Change – Make sure you’re up to date on oil changes.
  • Air Filter – A new air filter can help your car breathe out clean air, while also improving your fuel mileage.
  • Spark Plugs –Getting new spark plugs one can help your car burn fuel more efficiently.

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Whether you’re preparing for an emissions test or recently failed a smog test, visit our emissions Alpharetta repair experts at America’s Service Station! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.