Synthetic Oil Change Service

Synthetic Oil Change in Alpharetta, GA

Synthetic oil is becoming more and more common. Many performance car manufacturers are using synthetic oils in their engines right from the start. The newer your car is, the more likely it requires synthetic. Even if your car doesn’t require synthetic, there are advantages to getting a synthetic oil change versus a conventional oil change.

Advantages of Synthetic Oil Changes

If you’re considering using synthetic, there are two options: synthetic blend or full synthetic.  A blend is a mixture of conventional and synthetic oil, with a price in the middle of the conventional oil change and the full synthetic oil change. A full synthetic oil change costs more, but is much better for your car. Here’s why:

  • Higher Quality – Synthetic oils are designed to provide superior, complete protection for your engine. Conventional oil has properties that aid in lubrication and cleaning, but synthetic oils are engineered to provide maximum protection.
  • Longer Lasting – Although you pay a little more, you’re also able to wait longer before your next oil change. Whereas conventional oil changes are required every 3,000 miles, full synthetic oil changes last for at least 7,000 miles.
  • Environmental Impact – Synthetic oils are less harmful to the environment as compared to conventional oils.

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