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America’s Service Station specializes in servicing all Honda models. We perform simple services like oil changes and tire repairs to complex services like engine and transmission repairs. We are your premier repair shop for Honda service in Alpharetta, GA.

We are conveniently located, and we offer a shuttle service. You won't have to miss work. Just drop it off, and we will get you where you need to go. 

We fix everything! So don't face anxiety with overpriced dealership services or question the quality of your repair with small lube shops. Bring your Honda to us for all of your vehicle service needs.

What We Offer

At America’s Service Station in Alpharetta, GA, we offer several services for the maintenance and repair of your Honda vehicle. 

Brake Repair

Brakes are an important function for safety in your vehicle. This is why we provide quality and affordable brake services. Our brake inspection service checks your brake components, such as brake pads, brake fluid levels, and rotors. We take care of complete brake installations as well. You never want to be at risk with faulty brakes. Bring your vehicle to our certified technicians at America’s Service Station in Alpharetta, GA, for your brake repair. 

Vehicle Diagnostics

You may have a check engine light or other symptoms that suggest your vehicle needs a check. There is no need to guess what might be the problem because our vehicle diagnostics service is thorough. We get down to the bottom of your car's problem and recommend the best fix to get you back on the road again. 

We work with all makes and models, and we service foreign and domestic cars. No matter what the issue is, we can handle it. We fix everything! 

A/C and Heating Repair and Maintenance

Nothing makes a car more uncomfortable than a non-working A/C or heating system. If you are having issues with your A/C not blowing out cold air or your heat is not keeping your cabin warm, come see us to have your climate system checked. We work on every component of the heating and cooling system, from adding refrigerant to replacing the compressor. 

Did you know your defroster is a part of your heating and cooling system? One way to know if you need to have your system serviced is if your car takes too long to defrost on those cold morning starts. If this is happening or if there are any other signs of disrepair with your A/C and heating system, see us for a Honda service in Alpharetta, GA. 

Oil Changes

Oil changes are the most common service and are one of the most important. Our technicians are certified for all makes and models; there is no make and model vehicle's oil we cannot change. We service all Honda vehicle types, so if you have a Honda SUV or a Honda sedan, we are ready to change your oil

We offer an express oil change service that gets you in and out without a long wait time. We offer regular and synthetic oil changes. Get your oil changed regularly to prevent wear and tear on your engine. Your engine needs proper lubrication, and if you wait too long between oil changes, you risk damaging your engine. 

Engine and Transmission Repair

No repair is too big for our team here at America’s Service Station. Our engine and transmission repair service is comprehensive. We can do a total overhaul which includes the engine or transmission installation, or we can repair and replace engine components such as the timing belt or cylinders.

Are you noticing that your car is overheating, not shifting gears properly, stalling, knocking, or has changes in gas mileage? If so, then stop to see us for a diagnostics service. Don't delay an important engine or transmission repair for your vehicle. 

Tire Repair and New Tires

Tires play a significant role in how well your vehicle drives. Tires that are worn down can cause you to have lower-than-average gas mileage. If you're having trouble with a tire, stop in to see us. We offer quick-patch tire fixes, tire replacement, and other wheel services such as wheel alignment, tire rotation, and tire balancing. We sell a variety of tire brands. What we don't have in stock, we can order for your vehicle. 

Electrical Repair

Your vehicle depends on a myriad of electrical components. Features like power steering, driving assistance, and lighting are all governed by electrical components. When these become faulty, they make your driving experience unsafe. We have methods that help us determine exactly where an electrical problem occurs. 

Electrical repair also includes service to parts such as the battery, alternator, and electrical components that support the A/C and heating system. You could also see signs of electrical issues with the ABS, airbag, or sparkplug system. These systems display dashboard lights to warn you. 

Let's look at your electrical system and identify where your electrical problem occurs. 

Scheduled Maintenance

You may not have any issues with your vehicle, but you can still bring your car to us for your routine maintenance. Our certified technicians perform scheduled maintenance on all Honda models. We have access to OEM honda parts, and we follow the recommended maintenance tasks provided by Honda. 

Scheduling a maintenance service with us is easy. You can do it online or give us a call and speak to one of our technicians. 

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Do not overspend on your vehicle service repair needs. Stop in to see us today with your Honda. We are the premier car service shop in Alpharetta, GA, so if it needs to be fixed, we can do it because we fix everything!

We love to take care of you. Our certified technicians will not fall short of your expectations. Schedule a service with us online or by calling us at 770-442-1136. You won't be disappointed!