Kia Automotive Repair & Service

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Kia motors offer well-built and high-performance vehicles that serve you for a long time. Nonetheless, you will still experience technical hitches that require repairs and maintenance.

When you need Kia automotive repair, America's Service Station of Alpharetta can fix your problems. Below are the services that we offer for your Kia vehicle.

Kia Automotive Repair – What Is Offered

Here are some of the services you will enjoy

Brake Repair

Brake issues can put your Kia vehicle in less-than-ideal conditions that compromise safety. Some common brake issues include:

  • The yellow or red brake dashboard lights are on
  • Your brake pedals are hard to press or lower than usual
  • Your brakes generate unusual noises

For enhanced safety, seek brake repair services whenever you experience any of the problems above.

Check Engine Light

Your check engine light comes on due to various reasons. For instance, your oxygen sensor needs replacement, the gas cap isn't sealed correctly, or your spark plugs need a replacement. Failure to reset the light can make you fail an emissions test.

So, let our technicians at America Service Station handle any underlying issue promptly.

Car Battery

Problems with your Kia battery can leave you stranded at the roadside. Also, car batteries have sulfuric acid that causes irritation and burns upon contact with your skin or eyes.

So, work with professionals who can check and replace your battery whenever problems arise. Besides physical safety, good battery maintenance prevents unexpected breakdowns.

Car Heater Repair

Coolant leaks, blown fuse, or malfunctioning control valves can make your heater blow cold air. Unfortunately, you may be unable to pinpoint the root problem unless you are an expert. Even if you do, you will still need professionals to fix your HVAC issues. Otherwise, you will have uncomfortable rides, especially during winter.

Car Suspension

A car suspension is crucial, so appropriate maintenance is vital for smooth rides. If your suspension system has issues, you will feel all the bumpy and rough areas. Besides, tires experience excess stress and degrade prematurely. So whether small or big, do not let suspension issues go overboard. Instead, seek prompt services from your technician.


Your Kia can develop operational issues that make your rides more difficult. Diagnostics come in handy to pinpoint the exact problem and get your car back on track. Professionals have the tools and expertise to identify and resolve hidden issues.

Engine/Transmission Repair

Engines and transmissions are reliable and durable but still face damage. So if you experience knock sounds, smoke from the exhaust, etc., do not hesitate to seek Kia automotive repairs. Our professionals work on any transmission or engine to restore your Kia's usual operations.

Electrical Repair

Electric hitches usually cause distractions that draw your attention from the road. Typical electrical problems your Kia vehicle may face include issues with the alternators, starters, and airbags. Electric issues can be sensitive and dangerous if not addressed.

Let our team of experienced technicians handle your Kia's electrical issues.

Emissions Repair

If you want to pass the emission test, bring your car to an automotive shop first. Our team can repair any emissions-related issue that could make you fail the test. You can still start with the test, but professionals will help you get on track if your vehicle does not pass.


If you are a fleet manager, America Service Station Alpharetta provides consistent and reliable fleet maintenance. Bring your vehicles for oil changes, suspension repairs, engine checks, and other Kia automotive repair services. You can bring your car as early as 7:00 AM any day.

Heating & A/C

A car HVAC that breaks down in extreme weather, especially during summer or winter, renders your car uncomfortable. A faulty HVAC can blow musty air, slightly cooler or slightly warmer air, among other problems. Evaluation, maintenance, and repair of HVAC parts ensure you enjoy comfortable temperatures in your Kia vehicle in all seasons.

Oil Change

Many newer cars have moved from conventional to synthetic oil changes. You can opt for a full synthetic or synthetic blend (a mixture of synthetic and conventional oil). Full synthetic is costlier and lasts long, but if you are unsure which type to choose, ask the professionals.

Scheduled Maintenance

Keep up with your Kia service schedule to prolong your car's life and reduce the frequency of repairs. Scheduled maintenance covers the inspection of all essential elements of your Kia vehicle. For example, you get an oil change, brake inspection, fluid check, and engine and battery examination.

Tire Repair & Replacement

Tire problems can call for a repair, alignment, or replacement. Efficient tires save you gas money and protect you from slides or punctures that compromise safety. For replacements, professionals follow the federal motor vehicle safety standards for tires to ensure high quality.

Get Kia Automotive Repairs at America Service Station 

America's Service Station is the premier provider of Kia automotive repair services in the Alpharetta area. Our ASE-Certified specialists are committed to providing high-quality service to keep your Kia operating smoothly and safely. We understand the importance of dependable transportation, which is why we employ cutting-edge diagnostic technology and processes to ensure your car is fixed correctly the first time. 

America Service Station Alpharetta offers all the services above at affordable prices. You can trust the professional to provide dependable, quality services to keep your car in shape for long.

If you're having problems with your Kia or simply want to keep it in good shape, don't hesitate to pay us a visit or contact us to make an appointment. We look forward to assisting you in getting back on the road with confidence.